Celbridge Primary Care

Project: Celbridge Primary Care
System: ​Soprema Flag 2mm PVC Membrane on Insulation and Vapour control over Metal and Concrete decks.
Project Description:
Main Roof 1,800 m2:
Soprema Flag 2mm PVC mechanically fixed on rigid PIR Insulation fixed on soprema KSD self-adhesive foil faced vapour barrier bonded to primed concrete and metal decks. including all associated accessories & guided Walkway matt’s and lightning protection pads.
Roof access: Fall Restraint post and cable system installed to allow for safe future access and maintenance
Metal Pressing; Powder coated aluminum fascia & Soprema light grey Membrane Clad metal capping.

Client: Health Service Executive
Architect: John Hussey Architects
Main Contractor: MDY Construction

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